Welcome to Red Badger Photography!

RBP Shoots in the Northern Virginia & DC Metro Area. We specialize in Google Business Photography -- that's 360 degree virtual tours of your business.  We also provide fine art photography of landscapes and natural subjects that would look great in your home or business. Sorry, no weddings, funerals, births, or root canals, but we're happy to photograph humans under almost any other circumstances.

For us, a good picture is one that stops you in your tracks and transports you somewhere else if only for just a moment. Something that makes you think, or even better makes you feel the things that are becoming more and more elusive in a world dominated by technology and schedules. So, dive in, enjoy, and let us know if you'd like some custom work done by dropping a note on the contact page.

If you would like to contact Red Badger Photography, shoot us an email at redbadgerphoto@gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping in!

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